Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pocket Letter from Arkansas

I signed up for a swap group for Pocket Letters for state swaps.  The idea is you partner with a person from each state in the US and send them Arkansas themed Pocket letters and get one from their state.  So far, I have gotten one from Virginia and one from Missouri.  I sent one to California but never got one back.  This one is going to the lady from Missouri that sent me one.  Most of my Arkansas PPLs are similar.  I "tweek" each one I make.  Each card has info on the back regarding the picture on the front.  The fiddle is the state instrument, the mockingbird is the state bird the back of the flag card explains the reason behind the white stars.  The center pocket is a shaker of sorts with glitter to represent diamonds with a diamond I cut on my Silhouette Cameo out of white card stock and vellum since Arkansas has the only diamond mine in the US where you can go find your own diamonds.  The apple blossom is the state flower, the White-tailed deer is the State mammal, the Southern Pine is the state tree and in Faulk County there supposedly resides a Big Foot creature referred to as the Boggy Creek Monster.  The back of the PPL is typical with trinkets and things.  I made an Arkansas State Seal bottle cap charm to hang off the PPL with a globe dangling off of it.

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