Saturday, February 4, 2012

File Folder mini album

This is a mini album made out of four legal sized file folders. My inspiration came from Scrap Diva Forever. You can see hers here:
Mine is no where near as beautiful as hers but my next one will be great. I was just so excited by this I rushed to get it done and didnt get it done as nicely as I would have liked.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Altered File Folder mini album. I got the inspiratoin from scrap diva forever on her video. couldn't wait to try it when I saw hers. Mine is not finished but I love how it is turning out and had to share.

#10 Card

This is a card I made to fit into a standard sized #10 envelope (the size your bills come in). I like the idea of that size card because even if I run out of envelopes and don't want to make one, I always have #10 envelopes around.

The baloons, bow, flags and sentiment are all print & cut with the Silhouette. The strings were drawn with a sharpie. I am going to do another (to keep on hand for those oops moments when you realize it is someone's birthday at the office). The next one I am going to cut and ink the baloons, bow, flags & sentiment and I will use my Sew Easy to do the strings (or just use the sewing machine).