Monday, June 27, 2016

revamped, organized and cleaned craft room

The BEFORE!  My craft room was a spot where EVERYTHING that didn't have a home got stuck.  It was an embarrassing mess that I couldn't even craft in!

Now it is a lovely place that I can go and craft and do my bible study and just relax and enjoy the organization.  Now to just get myself to tidy up after each crafting session.  That is the big trick.  Still need to shampoo the carpet and clean off the top shelf and organize a bit more paper.  But, other than that, I'm happy with it.

Monthly project life -Jan 2016

My first project life is layout.  I've done a pocket page to accompany a normal 12x12 but this is going to be a monthly recap of life type album.  Obviously I am a few months behind but I'm just going to take my time and enjoy the process.
New Year party with the Youth at church.  They did a scavenger hunt and Laycie and her friend Monica (Lamon) won!  The letters have been in my stash as long as I can remember and the blue jean doily I got at Dollar Tree a few months ago.  
My daughter's friends and I go bowling and Laycie is...well...less than professional lets say.  Anyway, she got a strike this time!.  The letters were from my stash, the gold arrow paperclip was from Dollar Tree and the bowling pins and ball I cut from my Silhouette.
We love Harry Potter and Alan Rickman and David Bowing in Labyrinth.  These two great shining stars were gone way too soon.  So, I had to remember them.  When each of them died we watched their movies.
My Emmaus accountability group decided to start a game night at our church.  This was the first and was a big hit.  We all learned to play a game called 'Sequence'.  Very fun game.  I did a print & cut on the title 'Game Night' on my Silhouette.
This was my daughter and her, at that time, boyfriend hanging out.  He left for basic in February, proposed in May, they were married in June and he left for Germany and she is about to leave to join him August 1.
I sat in my recliner to take a bit of a 'catnap' and Button & Pearl joined me and made it a real cat nap. LOL  The stickers were from my stash.  I added the small card on top of another to make it a 4x6.