Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mistletoe Manor

This is my first Christmas house from a file from called Mistletoe Manor.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#Selfie layout

I wanted to capture my daughter's (and most of the population of the world's) obsession with selfies.  So, I got on all of her social media sites and pulled off a ton of selfies she has taken of just herself and her with her friends.  There are 29 on this layout and I think they are all from a span of 3 months.

I also wanted to capture the hashtag (#) popularity hence the title #SELFIE.  I had a flare that said "But first, Let me take a selfie" and then one that says "Oh snap" and a flare with a camera and the word "click" in the lens.  Those all went very well with the theme.  I used a camera motif background & put all the photos in film strips that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo.  I also used the Silhouette software to size my photos to fit the holes in the film strips, added my title in black foam letters, typed journalling and a few homemade enamel dots.  Finally, I added a cartoon image of older ladies taking a selfie and told my daughter that was her and her friends years from now.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Recipe organizer box with file from Kathy Orta

This is my recipe organizer box I made with a file from Kathy Orta at paper phenomenon.

File box from Kathy Orta at paper phenomenon

This shows the drawer that houses the shopping list/coupon organizer and a pencil and whatever else you need.

Here is the shopping list/coupon organizer from the Silhouette online store.  silhouette online store
The file has a ton of score lines.  I personally prefer to manually score my fold lines so I don't have those little cut lines.  So, I used a pencil in my pen holder and drew the score lines on and then used my score board and scoring tool to score the lines.  Then I erased the pencil lines and love how that technique worked.  I plan on using that technique whenever I have a file that has fold lines (score lines)

Design ID #64294
Here is my version.  I Googled shopping list and found the list.  I love the way Shopping & List are overlapped.  I just had to re-size it a bit to fit my organizer.  Have to say I am not a belly band fan so I may change that to a strap with a Velcro or tie or snap or something.

This is the inside of the box showing where the recipes will go on the right and the binder and take out folder on the left.  I have yet to line the box but will get to it soon.
This is the binder that houses the days of the week divider tabs (which I have not finished).  I will also put Planner or Weekly Meals or something on the binder edge and maybe something decorative on the front.  Maybe a metal label frame with a title inside of it.

This is the take out menu folder.  I am going to add Take Out Menus to the tab.

Monday, September 22, 2014

It Runs in the Family layout

I had the opportunity to play "Matron" the hospital head nurse in a stage show, 'It Runs in the Family' a very funny British comedy.

I enjoyed many parts of the show but picked, what I thought, gave an overall view of the hilarity that ensued on stage in this layout.  This is also from a sketch on Scrap-a-holics anonymous on Yahoo Groups.  I have attached the sketch as well as my layout.  Oh yeah, I won the sketch contest.  Yeah me!  LOL

Saturday, September 13, 2014

SVG Cuts dress form

This is a dress form I made using the dress form file.  I love SVG files!  I think the next one I make I will use stiffer card stock for the base and stand.  I plan on making one for my daughter to use to decorate the bathroom at her haunted house she is working.  I plan on using black card stock and tulle with Halloween paper.  To give it that haunted house feel I will put blood dripping from the neck and arm areas and plastic spiders on the tulle and on the base.  I will post a picture when I get it done.  This set came with a hat box a couple of cards and a lipstick box.  I want to make them all.  This dress form took almost three hours to complete.

This is the one I made for my daughter to put in the bathroom at the haunted house she is helping with.  Not very scary but I still love it.  I need black or red tulle but alas I have none.  Black with spiders would be amazing.  I love  Great cut files with video tutorials to help you put them together.  No, I'm not affiliated with them but they are the only cut files I buy other than the Silhouette online store files.  Oh yeah, on the Halloween one, I added beads to the inside of the pedestal pole to make it more sturdy.  I think I should have added some to the base as well.  There is always next time.  I have a seamstress or two that work for me when our theatre group does shows.  I'm always looking for clever gifts.  I will be making them these filled with candy or sewing notions as a thank you for the next go-around of costumes.  Good way to give a gift card to a sewing shop, clothing store gift card for a teenager, crochet hook and gift card, earrings and money, the list goes on and on.

Backyard Fire layout

I purchased the fire paper while in Wisconsin because I knew I wanted to do a layout of us having a back yard fire.  I used some of the PL cards from the September Scraptastic Club kit and a flair I had laying on my desk.  I made the title with my Silhouette Cameo using print & cut.

Geocaching pocket page

My first attempt at a pocket page layout.  I did a traditional on the left and a pocket page on the right.

Parade layout

 This is a layout I did of the 4th of July parade in Waterford, Wisconsin.  I thought they did a really good job on the parade.  I used a parade file folder I made for a swap on Yahoo Group Scrap-a-holic anonymous and a title from the same swap along with some of my homemade enamel dots.  Simple page but I like it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge layout

My daughter and I were both challen
ged by different people for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I was provided a sketch by a Facebook event invite for a sketch challenge for ScrappersChallenge on facebook.  The sketch can be found at

 The sketch is by  I stuck almost identical to the sketch.  I used Colorbok Limited Edition Flashy Finds Chipboard glitter White Alpha letters for the word brrr.  However, the pack only came with ONE r.  What alpha pack comes with only ONE r.  Geez.  Anyway, I used the 2 x that it came with.  ONE r and TWO x.  Then I used Sticko Carnival Blue letters for the ALS ICE BUCKET and then Teresa Collins Basically Essential black alpha stickers for the word CHALLENGE.

The sketch called for 3 photos but I only had two and so I created a bucket of ice water with my Silhouette Cameo.  I also used my Cameo to make the file folder looking vertical paper.

I found a journal spot but it had words that didn't go with the layout but the color and size were perfect so I wanted to use it and find something to cover it with.  I found a flair in my stash that said "Punch today in the Face".  I used whiteout to cover the word today and added ALS so the flair says "Punch ALS in the Face"  I then used My Mind's Eye tiny word stickers "A Spectacular Goal"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Santa's Workshop

I got a file from Sandra Strijland at

This is a trial run of the file to see if I liked it.  I do so I will do another with better paper and fixing things that I found I didn't do right in this one.  I also want to wait until the Christmas decorations come out so see if I can find better toys and things for the inside.  I also need to perfect the Christmas tree out of rosettes as this one is lopsided and kindof a mess.  I want to add a string of Christmas lights and some snow to this one and a chimney.

I also want to do one as a family home on Christmas morning and also maybe a Nativity Stable.

Her Last Swim Banquet Layout

My daughter has been on swim team for the past ten years.  This was her last summer.  She could technically swim one more summer but she wanted to free up her last summer before going off to college.  I was able to use the dolphin eyelets I bought a billion years ago (or a long time ago) and some word and phrase tags that I had sitting in a container on my desk.  I added some homemade enamel dots in the colors of the background.  The puffy dolphin was also something that I have had in my stash for a long long time.  I date stamped a chipboard tag with the date of the banquet.

Earn a Buck layout

This is a layout of my daughter's job at Larry's Pizza.  Some friends showed up to eat and took the picture.  I had gotten the title "Earning A Buck", the pizza card that the title is on, the slice of pizza and the time clock from swaps I participated in (I did the time clock) at scrap-a-holics Anonymous on Yahoo groups.  The heart flair I made myself.  The top part of the time card has her name, the restaurant and the month & year she started.  Then if anyone wants to read the story they can pull the card out and read the rest of the journalling.  I liked being able to have part seen & part unseen.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slider tp card

So, I watched this video and decided to give it a try.  Mine is not as beautiful as hers but it was my first try.  I think it turned out nice.  I will do another when I find some better patterned paper.  I have not attached my inner panel yet because I don't know if I will put a gift card in it or stamp a greeting or what.  So it is plain and just slid in for now.

Here is my version.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grand dogs

I went to Wisconsin to see my daughters and grandchildren over the 4th of July week and the first layout I made of the trip was of my grand dogs.  LOL  I have never been a fan of pit bulls because of all the bad press they get.  However, these dogs are great. Well, Rosco is great, princess growled at me the entire time I was there.  I think it had more to do with the fact I slept in her room and kicked her and my granddaughter out.  She liked me when I gave her treats but that was about the only time.  Rosco is just a big lovable drooling lug.  He loves to be loved on, he loves to play.  They are both very well behaved and trained.  My daughter did this thing where she said "One paw" and they would tap her hand with their paw.  She would say "Other paw" and they would tap her hand with the other paw.  Then she put her hand up by her head and said "Both paws" and they would pat her hand with both paws.  Then she would tell them "good dogs" and give treats.  Which was the birth of the layout title.  I had some VERY old chipboard letters that are covered with the most random patterned paper you have ever seen and nothing you could actually use.  So, I picked out the letters d o g s and scanned them into my Silhouette software, traced them, cut enough of them out of brown paper to cover all the letters I needed and removed the old patterned paper and added the brown card stock.  They looked too plain so I stamped paw prints all over them in teddy bear brown ink.  Which, by the way, I used the same ink to ink around practically everything on this layout including the letters.  I used a piece of the green swirly paper that I got a billion years ago from Oriental Trading that isn't good for much but layering as it is practically tissue paper thin to print One paw Other paw Both paws on and layered that on a chipboard tag that was with the letters.  I used a piece of my homemade decor mesh to ground the title, three resin flowers I got from, three bone brads and added the paw print stamped around the layout.  I used some wood veneer tabs to add the dogs names and a bit of journalling. I love the layout and I really love that I was able to use a bunch of random stuff from my stash to get it on a layout instead of in a drawer.

There will be more layouts to come containing my children and grandchildren and one more grand dog and a couple of grand lizards (ick).

Happy Scrappy Doo to you

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tracy Banks knockoff

This is my weak attempt at lifting Tracy Banks (Mercy Tiara)'s amazing layout (Scrapbooking Process: Sleepy Kitty).  I turned it on its side and added top & bottom borders.  I added flowers and homemade enamel dots in place of the sequins.  This is a layout of my youngest daughter (now almost 18) and her best friend when they were in 2nd grade and accidentally showed up at school in the exact same bib overall shorts.  They are still best friends and laugh at these old pictures when I come across them.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Father & Sons big catch

This is a layout I did last night.  I have been in a mess in my craft room so I have not been able to craft.  I finally just moved a bunch of stuff out of my way, grabbed the first picture I came across and got it on a layout.  I was needing to do something cause I was feeling lost not scrapping.  I also grabbed the closest paper to me and started laying it out.

I got the wood veneer "potty" people and since most of my scrapbooking is of my daughters I wondered how I would ever use all the boys ones (even though I do have grandsons).  So this was a perfect spot to use them.  I found the tag with "father" on it laying on my desk and since it is of my grandfather taking his sons fishing I thought it worked.  I used the wood arrow to point to the "father" (my grandfather).  I also had the flourish stickers laying around for years and decided to use them up.  I found thin black ribbon on my table and wrapped it around for a bit of texture.  I added some homemade enamel dots to either side (there are supposed to be three on either side but two fell off in transit to my office to photograph the layout in better light.  I will replace them tonight.).

I don't know if I am going to leave the word Father as the title or if I am going to add another title.

The journalling is not done yet because I'm waiting for my cousin to tell me who is who in the picture.  One of they older boys was her father.

I used mist spray droplets on the top left and bottom right.  They kinda soaked in but I like it.  Finally I added a fish just cause they were showing off their big catch for the day.

Feels good to get a layout done.  I'm still going to keep organizing but I must keep taking time to get some layouts done so I don't loose my mojo.

Thanks for watching.  Would love to hear your comments.