Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slider tp card

So, I watched this video and decided to give it a try.  Mine is not as beautiful as hers but it was my first try.  I think it turned out nice.  I will do another when I find some better patterned paper.  I have not attached my inner panel yet because I don't know if I will put a gift card in it or stamp a greeting or what.  So it is plain and just slid in for now.

Here is my version.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Grand dogs

I went to Wisconsin to see my daughters and grandchildren over the 4th of July week and the first layout I made of the trip was of my grand dogs.  LOL  I have never been a fan of pit bulls because of all the bad press they get.  However, these dogs are great. Well, Rosco is great, princess growled at me the entire time I was there.  I think it had more to do with the fact I slept in her room and kicked her and my granddaughter out.  She liked me when I gave her treats but that was about the only time.  Rosco is just a big lovable drooling lug.  He loves to be loved on, he loves to play.  They are both very well behaved and trained.  My daughter did this thing where she said "One paw" and they would tap her hand with their paw.  She would say "Other paw" and they would tap her hand with the other paw.  Then she put her hand up by her head and said "Both paws" and they would pat her hand with both paws.  Then she would tell them "good dogs" and give treats.  Which was the birth of the layout title.  I had some VERY old chipboard letters that are covered with the most random patterned paper you have ever seen and nothing you could actually use.  So, I picked out the letters d o g s and scanned them into my Silhouette software, traced them, cut enough of them out of brown paper to cover all the letters I needed and removed the old patterned paper and added the brown card stock.  They looked too plain so I stamped paw prints all over them in teddy bear brown ink.  Which, by the way, I used the same ink to ink around practically everything on this layout including the letters.  I used a piece of the green swirly paper that I got a billion years ago from Oriental Trading that isn't good for much but layering as it is practically tissue paper thin to print One paw Other paw Both paws on and layered that on a chipboard tag that was with the letters.  I used a piece of my homemade decor mesh to ground the title, three resin flowers I got from, three bone brads and added the paw print stamped around the layout.  I used some wood veneer tabs to add the dogs names and a bit of journalling. I love the layout and I really love that I was able to use a bunch of random stuff from my stash to get it on a layout instead of in a drawer.

There will be more layouts to come containing my children and grandchildren and one more grand dog and a couple of grand lizards (ick).

Happy Scrappy Doo to you

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tracy Banks knockoff

This is my weak attempt at lifting Tracy Banks (Mercy Tiara)'s amazing layout (Scrapbooking Process: Sleepy Kitty).  I turned it on its side and added top & bottom borders.  I added flowers and homemade enamel dots in place of the sequins.  This is a layout of my youngest daughter (now almost 18) and her best friend when they were in 2nd grade and accidentally showed up at school in the exact same bib overall shorts.  They are still best friends and laugh at these old pictures when I come across them.