Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flowers & bows

I have spent the day watching videos and making flowers and bows.  This first one is my absolute favorite!  Thank you Tmika!

Tmika Miller (scrapdaworld on Youtube) Prima/Recollections Flower Dupe Tutorial

 For this blue rose I used the cutting cafe's flower file.  It comes in 4 sizes.  I used 2 sizes.  I personally like the look of the flower better using two smaller flowers for the center and three larger ones for the remainder of the flowers.  So I used the 2nd larges for the 3 and one size smaller for the centers.  I think they look more proportionate that way.
Flower cut file from the Cutting Cafe

From Silhouette Bow file by Amy Robison Design ID #53138
 I made these bows out of cheap Colorbok paper from Walmart which is about copy paper weight so I added a layer of mod podge and glitter to stiffen them and give them some glimmer.

From tutorial by Tmika Miller (scrapdaworld on youtube)
 These are cute but I don't like the way the card stock wrinkled.  I may try these again with a better weight card stock.  Also, on closer inspection of the recollections flowers that these are duped from, it looks like the top layer is three petals and the next layer is 4 petals and the last 2 are 5 petals.  I may redo these using that formula and see if I like them better.  I do love making flowers though.  I have no idea what I will do with them all but I love them.

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