Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cluttered Desk = lost creativity

My work desk is piled with stuff.  Paper, glue, stickes, ribbon, paper, bling, etc.  So much so that I have no space to work!  My week has been busy so far and tonight is no exception.  Monday I had rehearsal for my first ever NE Arkansas Chorale.  It is a group of people from NE Arkansas that put on a Christmas concert with orchestra from the Williams Baptist College.  I have watched it many times but this is my first time to participate!

Anyway, I have a thing tonight but TOMORROW I am tackling the work space.  I have fought with how to arrange my space and I may have to rearrange again to make it functional but my goal is to get my workspace not only clean but functional so that I can get back to my technique draws and get some more pages done.  I may use my technique draw to do some cards as well.

I have a sewing machine and stuff on a tiny desk behind me and a dresser to my left that has a TON of stuff in the drawers and my paper boxes on top.  I want to put that behind me but then the paper will be in front of the window and I'm afraid of the sun fading the paper.  However, it takes away from my desk space to have it beside me.

I have a teeny tiny tv on my desk that I have on mostly for noise but also to watch my HGTV shows that I love.  I don't like it where it is and the way I have the room now there is no space on the wall to put it either.  That is another thing that will have to be corrected.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get it all done so that Friday I can get scrappin` and enjoy my space.

I am setting myself a deadline of the end of this month to have the room spotless.  That is a place for everything and everything in its place, used or purged.  I have a twin bed for company that is covered with stuff that needs to find a home.  Boxes of pictures, embelishments, paper, empty storage containers that I have emptied and found new homes for the contents, and bags and things for taking stuff to crops.  I also have several boxes of memorabilia that I want to organize and/or scrap.

This post is long but I guess it is more a guideline for me to keep me on track.  I will post my progress as I go.

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