Thursday, August 11, 2011

I am getting ready to redo my craft room yet again. It is so hard to get it just right since it is the smallest bedroom in my house (9x10) and it doubles as my guest room. So, I have a twin bed in there, and a TON of scrapbook stuff. I have tried everything imaginable to no avail.

So, now I am putting up two 8 foot shelves above my work area to put stuff on. Getting rid of the two drawer lateral file cabinet. It currently holds my 81/2 x 11 card stock in the top drawer and my household tools (hammers, screws, etc.) in the bottom drawer. I am going to sort through all the tools and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Lets face it, if it needs fixed I'm calling the handyman anyway. The other purpose for the lateral file is it holds my homemade scraprack. I will just have to find a new home for that.

I hope that when I am finished I can get back to the task of actually scrapbooking. Right know I have a plastic tub FULL of projects that need to be scrapped.

Once I get it all done, I will share a photo.

Wish me luck on my endevor.

Lisa G

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