Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Graduation announcements

This is my daughter's high school graduation announcement that I sent out.  Since I put the rosette under the Class of 2015 sticker, it cost an extra .21 to mail  but she really liked the rosette so I figured, she worked hard to graduate, I can give on that.

The a2 gatefold shutter card base (Design ID #78304) and rosette (Design ID #21804 ) are from the Silhouette design store.  The Class of 2015 sticker is from Walmart.

I created the black dots at the top of the announcement just for some interest.  I did print & cut on red card stock for the front panels and for the inside panel with her name and 2015.  I would have liked the information panels to be on the inside but they wouldn't work with the transition mechanism.

Her school colors are red, black and white.  Some of the Walmart stickers had epoxy on top and some did not.  I used the ones that did not for the ones I mailed.  I don't like the look of them as much as the ones with epoxy on top but I was trying to lower the bulk as much as possible.

The left panel has the graduation invitation and information, the right has the school song lyrics (my daughter's idea).  Her and her friends all think they are fabulous.

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