Friday, February 6, 2015

Good Dogs

This is a layout I did back in July after a trip up north to see my kids for the 4th of July and granddaughter's birthday.  I never liked pit bulls and was unhappy that my daughter and granddaughter had them.  Well, I met them and fell in love with Rosco (top left).  Princess growled at me all week (I took her bedroom so she didn't like me).  They are both very well behaved, trained, do the cutest tricks and are very affectionate.

The title came from one of their tricks where my daughter holds up her hand and says one paw, the dog puts one paw in that hand.  She holds up the other and the dog puts the other paw in that hand.  Then she holds both hands up and says both paws and the dogs jump up with both paws.  Then she says good dogs and gives them a treat.

Unfortunately, my daughter and kids had to move and they moved to an area that does not allow pit bulls so they had to adopt them out.

The layout uses my stash and under the word "good" I used my homemade designer mesh.  I covered old chipboard letters that were all funky colors with kraft card stock and stamped the paw prints on them.  Then stamped the paw prints on the diagonal.

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  1. Great job on the title, looks awesome. These are the same tricks my daughter is teaching her dogs.