Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coney Island scrapbook layout

Layout I created for our upcoming trip to New York.  We are planning on going to Coney Island.  The three main rides I found were the Wonder Wheel, Parachute Drop and the Cyclone roller coaster.  I altered an Eifel Tower cut file from Silhouette to make the tower part of the parachute drop ride and then created the rest from scratch.  I used a ferris wheel cut file from Silhouette but made my own cart/baskets because the file had round carts and the Wonder Wheel has square ones.  The roller coaster, swing ride, carousel, corn dog, pretzel and hot dog are all cut files from the Silhouette Online Store.  I found the post card on the internet and figured for realistic purposes I can buy one when there to put on the layout.  I also created the white pole thing with the red because in every picture I saw of Coney Island it was there.  I have no idea what it is but I'm sure I will find out when I get there.  I will either use plain blue or sky paper for the blue part of the background and I need to find some cement looking paper for the bottom because I do not have a wide format printer to print it and I like the look of concrete on this layout.

We are getting so very excited.  I have only been to New York one other time but it has gotten into my very DNA I think.  I love love love it there.

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